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List of resources for learning about modeling, operating, and using Amazon DynamoDB
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Awesome DynamoDB 🚀

A handy list of resources for getting up to speed on modeling, operating, and using Amazon DynamoDB.

Contributions welcome!

Table of Contents

Rick Houlihan

Rick Houlihan gets his own section due to his mythical status among DynamoDB fans. His AWS re:Invent talks are always the most-watched sessions on YouTube. Rick is rarely seen outside his native habitat on the strip in Las Vegas or in the AWS War Room, but some astute developers have seen him in the wild, usually mumbling about how 'all data is relational'.

Rick's talks:


Written resources


  • Dynobase. Handy tool that makes it easy to view and manipulate your tables, generate application code, and more.
  • NoSQL Workbench For Amazon DynamoDB. A tool similar MySQL workbench that lets you model data and interact with your tables without going to the AWS console.
  • DynamoDB Toolbox. An open source project from Jeremy Daly that provides a number of helpful utilities for working with single-table designs in JavaScript. Unofficial winner of the 2019 Best Logo in Open Source award.
  • Dynamoose. An open source modeling tool for Node.js projects, inspired by Mongoose.
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