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DynamoDB Defaults macro

This directory contains a CloudFormation macro to add default properties to DynamoDB tables that use the macro.

For every DynamoDB table to which this macro is attached, it will

  • Check the BillingMode property and set it to PAY_PER_REQUEST if not defined;

  • Add default read and write capacity units of 1 if the BillingMode is PROVISIONED but the throughput is not given;

  • Add a DynamoDB stream

For a full walkthrough on how and why to use this, check out my blog post on CloudFormation macros.


After cloning this directory, you can use this macro as follows:

  1. Deploy and register the macro in your AWS account.

    Install the Serverless Framework to easily deploy Lambda functions.

    Then, run serverless deploy to deploy the macro and register it as DynamoDBDefaults in your AWS account.

  2. Use the macro in your CloudFormation templates:

    Use the macro by adding a Fn::Transform property to a DynamoDB table resource in your CloudFormation template:

        Type: AWS::DynamoDB::Table
          TableName: 'MyNewTable'
            - AttributeName: key
              KeyType: HASH
            - AttributeName: key
              AttributeType: S
          Fn::Transform: DynamoDBDefaults # <-- Macro

    There is a template provided in template.yaml that you can deploy with the following command:

    aws cloudformation deploy \
      --stack-name dynamodb-table-macro \
      --template-file template.yaml
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