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You probably don't need this addon. If you want to use the Milligram CSS framework in your Ember app, simply install the dependency (yarn add -D milligram) then add the following line to your ember-cli-build.js file:


Now Milligram will be compiled into your final /dist/vendor.css asset

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A minimalist CSS framework for Ember


ember install ember-milligram

This will install ember-cli-sass as a dependency and create a file <app-name>/app/styles/app.scss with the following import statement:

@import "milligram";

Please note that ember-cli-sass is currently required to use this addon.



# Runs test suite, bumps version, pushes tags, publishes, updates
yarn run deploy

# Publish a new copy the dummy app to gh-pages
ember deploy production


MIT Copyright (c) Alex DiLiberto

Milligram was designed with ♥ by CJ Patoilo. Licensed under the MIT License.