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A demo app for two EmberConf 2014 presentations:


This application is in a mostly functional state as a demo. Any individual commit may break it, but issues are typically quickly patched.

npm install -g bower
git clone
cd ember-cli
git checkout 0c9720a704fcfb18b919aaa43861a27cd62ce065

# This is the version of ember-cli you'll need to use until these changes are published.
./bin/ember server
  • After checkout bower install && npm install to populate the vendor folder.
  • Then deal with a few issues:
    • Update emberconf-2014-demo/node_modules/broccoli-static-compiler/node_modules/broccoli-kitchen-sink-helpers/index.js with one of the patches from broccolijs/broccoli-kitchen-sink-helpers#3.
    • Manually remove the file from vendor/accounting

Known Issues

This is an error, but it's safe and things work anyway thanks to the magic of require:

>> Errors found in module import statements
>> emberconf-2014-demo/utils/ic-ajax-fixtures: Cannot find module "ic-ajax"

Temporary Build Fixes

If you get an error on ember build simliar to the following then, refer to broccoli-merge-trees/pull/2 for a temporary fix:

Error: EEXIST, file already exists 'tmp/tree_merger-tmp_dest_dir-Gca7u4E2.tmp/license'`