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Improving The Pastry Box Project

The Pastry Box used to run on WordPress. No matter how great WordPress is, using this platform was not suited for our editorial requirements (many authors, one text published every day of the year, managing submissions etc.).

So I built a platform that would be perfect fit for collaborative blogs like the Pastry Box. In the long run, I hope to open source our platform. But it's too early right now.

This repo is just a hub where you can report bugs and request improvements & features related to our platform.

You can also check the official PBP GitHub account, where all our content is backed up (including our database, in a JSON/NoSQL fashion). You may also want to give a look at the node-pastrybox module.

How you can help

Did you find a typo? Did you see an error message when there was no reason? Such things are bound to happen. Please let me know. I would be very grateful.

Take care.