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<html><head><title>PyZ3950 - Python Z39.50 and ASN.1 BER implementations
<p>Originally I wrote PyZ3950 to support
<a href="">Tyrannioware</a>,
my home book cataloging program. The <a href="">Cheshire Project</a> at the <a href="">University
of Liverpool</a> adopted it, and I would like to acknowledge their financial
support and Rob Sanderson's contributions as co-developer. The ASN.1 and Z39.50 modules are distributed together
partly for my convenience, and partly because the Z39.50 code may serve
as an illustration of the ASN.1 API. (I wrote my own ASN.1 code because
I wanted its client to be able to use normal Python data types, and use
ASN.1 specifications run through the included compiler: neither <a href="">
PySNMP</a> nor <a href="">Pisces
</a> offer this.) The only other Python Z39.50 implementation I know of
is part of a larger commercial product,
<a href="">wxPresso</a>.
<p>There's also a MARC module in (handles parsing only), and
a graphical <a href="">Zthes</a> browser as
an example.</p>
<p>The software requires Python 2.2 or later, and is licensed under
the X licence (details in the files themselves), but the zoom
interface requires Dave Beazley's <a
href="">PLY package</a>, licensed
under the LGPL. Click <a href="PyZ3950-$version$.tar.gz">here</a> to
download version $version$ of PyZ3950. It's packaged with distutils, so
unzip and untar, and then
<code>python install</code>. Most development has been done under
Linux, but I've tested briefly under Win98 (and, in theory, the code
should run anywhere Python runs). The <a href="">CVS</a> repository is at sourceforge.<p>