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#!/usr/bin/env python
from distutils.core import setup
import vers
import os
import os.path
# Because PLY compiles the yacc grammar to Python code, we need to run
# that compilation at install time to avoid dropping the created files
# in some random directory. (Note that PLY's staleness checking
# depends on the MD5 hash of the repr() of assorted objects, and the
# repr is subject to change between Python versions (maybe)).
# I can't find a consistent way to import modules at build time,
# so I've removed this code for now. (Changing directories into
# PyZ3950 works under Python 2.2 but not 2.3, importing with pathnames
# works under Linux but not Win 98 or XP.)
# We define a custom build_ext
from distutils.util import byte_compile
from distutils.command.build_ext import build_ext
from distutils.extension import Extension
pyz_dir = "PyZ3950"
class PLYBuild(build_ext):
def run(self):
for ext in self.extensions:
nm = self.get_ext_fullname (ext.sources[0])
# print "running %s to generate parsing tables" % (nm,)
# mod = __import__ (os.path.join (pyz_dir,nm))
foo = Extension ("parsetab", ["ccl"])
classifiers = """\
Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Intended Audience :: Developers
Programming Language :: Python
Topic :: Internet :: Z39.50"""
setup (name="PyZ3950",
version= vers.version,
author = "Aaron Lav",
author_email = "",
license = "X",
description = 'Z39.50 (ZOOM API), ASN.1, and MARC implementations',
long_description =
"""Pure Python implementation of ASN.1 and Z39.50 v3,
with a simple MARC parser thrown in. See the URL for details.""",
platforms = ["any"],
classifiers = filter(None, classifiers.split("\n")),
url = "",
packages = ["PyZ3950"],
cmdclass = {'build_ext' : PLYBuild},
ext_modules= [foo])