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@alexellis alexellis released this Aug 19, 2020


# CLIs
arkade get TOOL

# Charts / apps
arkade install APP

"kube-image-prefetch" keeps images pulled on every node to speed-up horizontal auto-scaling

Changelog for 0.6.2:

612c2af Add doctl tool to get command by @alexellis
25a1f7b Add kustomize and change default mode for get by @alexellis
913b2a6 add kubebuilder to get command by @amalkh5
9c6f4a7 Removed namespace by @AverageMarcus
e359b54 Fixed message indentation by @AverageMarcus
8d5156b Added kube-image-prefetch app by @AverageMarcus
3b91aec Move to using issuers rather than cluster issuers by @Waterdrips
e12c328 Add env indicator by @alexellis
bea76e7 Add two posts by @alexellis
52607b8 Optimise func MakeInfo() inside cmd/info.go by @itsksaurabh

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