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Coloured progress-bar for your Golang CLI
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Example of progress animations and colour for a Golang CLI

ASCII Cinema:



This is a sample which could be extended or make more generic as part of a task runner.

It combines WaitGroup with for colour.

I wrote this around 2 years ago when wanting to generate ASCII animations for the OpenFaaS CLI - it's not made it into the CLI yet, but if you're interested in contributing, then please let me know :-)

Other work


  • My tech blog

  • k3sup - Installer for k3s and helm charts with strongly-typed parameters - works on any K8s cluster including RPi/ARM

  • inlets - HTTPS tunnels to your local network from anywhere

  • OpenFaaS - Serverless-style Functions & Microservices Made Simple on Kubernetes


Clone the repo into your GOPATH and go build

git clone
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