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- release_notes
- name: k3s
value: |
Thank you for your interest in k3sup.
This issue appears to be a problem with the upstream k3s project
which k3sup installs and automates.
Please raise an issue on [Rancher's k3s repository]( and link it
back to this issue for tracking purposes. If Rancher determines
that this is actually an error with k3sup, then please feel free
to return and re-open the issue, or to comment again.
- name: slack
value: |
The k3sup project the #k3sup channel in the OpenFaaS Slack
Join Slack to connect with the community
- name: template
value: |
This project uses Issue and PR templates and requires that all
users fill out the template in detail before help can be given.
To continue please edit your Issue/PR or open a new one, and
please provide all the fields requested.
Thank you for your contribution.
- name: propose
value: |
This project follows a contributing guide which states that all
changes must be proposed with an Issue before being worked on.
Please raise an Issue and update your Pull Request to include
the ID or link as part of the description.
Thank you for your contribution.
- name: test
value: |
This project follows a contributing guide which requires that
all changes are tested before being merged. You should include
worked examples that a maintainer can run to prove that the
changes are good.
Screenshots and command line output are also accepted, but
must show the positive, and negative cases, not just that
what was added worked as you expected.
Thank you for your contribution.
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