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k3sup was developed to automate what can be a very manual and confusing process for many developers, who are already short on time. Once you've provisioned a VM with your favourite tooling, `k3sup` means you are only 60 seconds away from running `kubectl get pods` on your own computer. With version 0.2.0, you can even `join` other nodes into any existing k3s cluster.

### Uses

* Bootstrap Kubernetes with k3s onto any VM - either manually, during CI or through `cloudinit`
* Get from zero to `kubectl` with `k3s` on Raspberry Pi (RPi), VMs, AWS EC2, Packet bare-metal, DigitalOcean, Civo, Scaleway, and others
* Fetch a working KUBECONFIG from an existing `k3s` cluster
* Join nodes into an existing `k3s` cluster with `k3sup join`
* Install selected helm charts without `tiller` with `k3sup app install`

### Use-case 1: Bootstrapping Kubernetes

*Conceptual architecture, showing `k3sup` running locally against any VM such as AWS EC2 or a VPS such as DigitalOcean.*

### Use-case 2: Strongly typed Helm charts aka `k3sup app install`

Install selected helm charts without `tiller` using `k3sup app install`. The community has encoded default values and the steps required to install projects like openfaas and cert-manager so that you can get up and running with a single command.


You can run `k3sup app install` against any Kubernetes cluster, not just k3s.

## Download `k3sup` (tl;dr)

`k3sup` is distributed as a static Go binary. You can use the installer on MacOS and Linux, or visit the [Releases page]( to download the executable for Windows.
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