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Document multi-master k3s

Signed-off-by: Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS Ltd) <>
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@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ k3sup install --ip $IP --user ubuntu

Other options for `install`:

* `--cluster` - start this server in clustering mode, for use with dqlite (embedded HA)
* `--skip-install` - if you already have k3s installed, you can just run this command to get the `kubeconfig`
* `--ssh-key` - specify a specific path for the SSH key for remote login
* `--local-path` - default is `./kubeconfig` - set the file where you want to save your cluster's `kubeconfig`. By default this file will be overwritten.
@@ -178,6 +179,50 @@ k3sup join --ip $AGENT_IP --server-ip $SERVER_IP --user $USER

That's all, so with the above command you can have a two-node cluster up and running, whether that's using VMs on-premises, using Raspberry Pis, 64-bit ARM or even cloud VMs on EC2.

### Create a multi-master (HA) setup

As of k3s 1.0 a HA multi-master configuration is available through dqlite. A quorum of masters will be required, which means having at least three nodes.

* Initialize the cluster with the first server

Note the `--cluster` flag

export SERVER_IP=
export USER=root
k3sup install \
--ip $SERVER_IP \
--user $USER \

* Join each additional server

> Note the new `--server` flag
export USER=root
export SERVER_IP=
k3sup join \
--user $USER \
--server-user $USER \
--server-ip $SERVER_IP \

Now check `kubectl get node`:

kubectl get node
paprika-gregory Ready master 8m27s v1.16.3-k3s.2
cave-sensor Ready master 27m v1.16.3-k3s.2

### 👨‍💻 Micro-tutorial for Raspberry Pi (2, 3, or 4) 🥧

In a few moments you will have Kubernetes up and running on your Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4. Stand by for the fastest possible install. At the end you will have a KUBECONFIG file on your local computer that you can use to access your cluster remotely.

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