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Wave Samples SVG library

That's just a proof of concept that it is possible to generate a super lightweight SVG-based previews for WAV-files basically for a Web needs.

Currently it's a tiny Node.js tool which generates SVG previews. For example, running this

ffmpeg -i "example.wav" -f wav pipe: | node lib/index.js

will generate an output.svg file in a project root directory with a pretty precise shape of WAV file samples, and it's only 3.1 KB. This tool uses a popular SVGO project with default settings to optimize generated results, so there is no need to do it manually.


It isn't honest to compare this with raster formats, but roughly the same image in PNG takes about 10 KB and 30 KB in JPEG q90 (which also has a lack of an alpha channel).

So, having a smaller size we also can get advantages of a gzip-compression since SVG is a text format and have a freedom for resizing since it's a vector image.

It is also possible to generate a less precise previews and the size can be reduced to 1 KB or even less until it's still meaningful for your needs.

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