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Blender2Cal3d Installation
# INFO -----------------------------------------------------------------------
This repository contains two versions of a 'blender to cal3d' script. The
original is the "" script which works with Blender 2.49. The
updated script is derived from this script and sits in the io_export_cal3d
The updated script works with Blender 2.58, but they are slightly different.
# INSTALL - Blender 2.58 -----------------------------------------------------
1) Dump the io_export_cal3d/ folder into your Blender installation directory
under 2.5X/scripts/addons/.
(For example, if you have downloaded blender manually, you might have
something like
whereas if you installed with a package manager, you might have something
Copy the entire io_export_cal3d folder like
"cp -r io_export_cal3d/ /the/directory/of/the/addon/folder/"
2) Fire up Blender and go to
[File -> User Preferences -> Addons -> Import/Export].
Now click to enable the Cal3d exporter. You should be able to export to
Cal3d format by going to [File -> Export -> Cal3D (.cfg) ].
1) Alternatively, one can load the addon directly using the button in
[File -> User Preferences -> Addons -> Import/Export]. If you want to make
changes to the script you will still have to hunt down the addon folder.
2) The easiest way to see if errors have occured while using the script is to
open blender in a console so that you get error messages like:
[hal@computer blender-2.58a-linux-glibc27-i686]$ ./blender
AL lib: pulseaudio.c:331: PulseAudio returned minreq > tlength/2; expect break up
found bundled python: /home/hal/Downloads/blender-2.58a-linux-glibc27-i686/2.58/python
read blend: /home/hal/Project/Models/Basic_model.blend
Only one root bone is supported
otherwise, errors are silently ignored.
# INSTALL - Blender 2.49 -----------------------------------------------------
While Blender is running, open a text editor and load the script ("open text
block" button) "". Read through the script and make any
desired changes. Run the script (Alt + P) and follow the export dialogs
which appear.
This script is not being actively developed. For newer versions, one should
use the Blender 2.5X-compatible script.