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About Mobilepopup:

Mobilepopup - jQuery pop-up plugin. See the project page for documentation and a demonstration, and the FAQ for solutions and examples to common issues. Released under the MIT license.


Version 1.6 - Februari 26 2018
  • when opening by target class or id all content of target block go to popup? ob close popup go back. Fix id's attr duplication on html page.
Version 1.5 - Semptember 20 2017
Added new features:
  • Added window type "standart" or "confirm"
  • You can indicate form class and submit form button class
  • Added properties closeonoverflowclick, shakeonoverflowclick, fullscreeninmobile
  • Added folder with exapmles of use
Version 1.4 - July 04 2017
  • fix chrome bug vh window max-height size
Version 1.3 - July 03 2017
  • fix bug of extending default object, created new methon - resize
Version 1.2 - July 03 2017
  • fix bugs in reload method, created example page
Version 1.1 - July 03 2017
  • callback functions returns jQuery pop-up element
Version 1.0 - June 29 2017
  • First release