The 2nd place solution for WSDM Cup 2017: Vandalism Detection
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WSDM Cup 2017: Vandalism Detection

Running the solution:

  • download all the data, unpack, and put the files to the data folder,
  • run for converting the wikidata dump files into a bunch of csv files
  • run to join the data from the xml files with the meta information and labels
  • processes the data so it can be used for the model. This includes
    • specifying the training, validation and testing folds
    • processing the information about the users (including the meta information)
    • extracting useful features from the comments
  • creates two models:
    • vectorizer for creating a large one-hot-encoding matrix for all the string features
    • a linear SVM model with L1 penalty for performing the classification
  • is used for running the model on