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Add more exports for Chromium dev

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1 parent 93f077b commit 71eb764b10fdbea18241bbbb3e19414bae75bf2d @alexeykuzmin committed Sep 10, 2013
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@@ -25,8 +25,12 @@ PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/smlnj-110.75/bin"
# Chromium dev
+export CCACHE_CPP2=yes
+export CCACHE_SLOPPINESS=time_macros
+export CC="ccache clang -Qunused-arguments"
+export CXX="ccache clang++ -Qunused-arguments"
+export GYP_DEFINES="clang=1 fastbuild=1"
export GYP_GENERATORS=ninja
-export GYP_DEFINES=clang=1
export PATH

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