Breaking The Tower, Java Game
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Note: the creator of the game is Markus Persson, I just published it on GitHub 
so this jewel won't be lost.

Breaking the Tower


Do not distribute altered versions of this game in any way. Other than that, do whatever you want with it.
If you distribute the game, you have to provide this zip file, in unaltered form.


Breaking the Tower is an entry to the 12th Ludumdare competition [] by Markus Persson [].
This zip file represents the final entry.

2.Running the game

To run the game, first make sure you've got java installed [], then simply double click the file named Tower.jar.
If that doesn't work, try running the included .bat file.


There are no instructions in the game other than some basic tool tips, as a large part of the experience is for the user to play around and learn how to work the game. For example, not even the point of the game is actually told to the player at any point, other than the name of the game.
Sound can be toggled on and off by using the button in the lower right corner. If sound isn't available for any reason, the game should keep playing fine, but might print an error message to stderr.


All programming, art, and sound was made by Markus Persson. No external libraries were used.
The rendering is "inspired" by the amazing intro screen from Yoshi's Island.
The gameplay is inspired by settlers, and in part, by an older game of mine called Miners4k.

Copyright 2008 Markus Persson. All rights reserved.