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Dependency injector, assembles application.

Registering, getting and setting components.

app.register 'component', -> 'some component'
console.log app.component
# => some component

app.component = 'another component'
console.log app.component
# => another component

Dependencies can be specified implicitly.

app.register 'a', ->
  console.log 'initializing a'
app.register 'b', ->
  console.log 'initializing b'
  "#{app.a} b"

console.log app.b
# => initializing b
# => initializing a
# => a b

Or explicitly. The only difference with implicit approach is that explicit declaration will resolve circular dependencies (implicit approach will fail).

app.register 'a', ->
  console.log 'initializing a'
app.register 'b', dependencies: ['a'], ->
  console.log 'initializing b'
  "#{app.a} b"

console.log app.b
# => initializing a
# => initializing b
# => a b

Component lifecycle callbacks.

app.register 'component', ->
  console.log 'initialization'
  'some component'
app.before 'component', -> console.log 'before initialization'
app.after 'component', -> console.log 'after initialization'

# => before initialization
# => initialization
# => after initialization


app.register 'params', scope: 'request', -> {}

startFiberSomehow ->
  app.scope 'request', ->
    app.params.key = 'some value'
    console.log app.params
    # => {key: 'some value'}

Scope callbacks.

app.beforeScope 'request', -> console.log 'before'
app.afterScope 'request', -> console.log 'after'

startFiberSomehow ->
  app.scope 'request', ->
  # => before
  # => after

Require files in directory, provide watch: true option to watch for changes and reload.

# /app/controllers/
# app.SomeController = 'some controller'

app.requireDirectory '/absolutePath/app/controllers', watch: true

console.log app.SomeController
# => some controller


  • Fiber and custom scopes will not work in browser because browsers doesn't support fibers.
  • Use app.get componentName instead of app.componentName in old browsers not supporting getters and setters syntax. Use set for setting components.

Copyright (c) Alexey Petrushin,, released under the MIT license.

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