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Vos - Virtual Operating System

Small abstraction over Operating System, mainly it should be used in conjunction with Virtual File System tool. Kind of Capistrano but without extra stuff and more universal, not forcing You to follow 'The Rails Way'.

Currently, there are following implementations available:

  • local os
  • remote os (over ssh)


$ gem install vos

Code samples:

gem 'vos'                                         # Virtual Operating System
require 'vos'

server ='')                  # it will use id_rsa, or You can add {user: 'me', password: 'secret'}

server.bash 'ls'                                  # ls /
server['apps/cool_app'].bash 'rails production'   # cd /apps/cool_app && rails production

For more details look also to Virtual File System project. Or checkout configuration I use to control my production servers My Cluster in conjunction with small configuration tool Cluster Management.


Copyright (c) Alexey Petrushin, released under the MIT license.

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