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Sample CRUD application with Node.JS, using MySQL, Mongo and Redis. Basically, I am using it as a boilerplate (template, skeleton) for all new backend apps I start.
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Install Node.JS (, NPM ( and Foreman (

Symlinks a package folder into your system, so that changes are automatically reflected, and install the "dependencies" and "devDependencies" from package.json:
$ npm link .

$ foreman start

or as simple as:
$ node src/server.js

List of all modules/libraries in use is in package.json or below:

For simplicity sake I'll describe the process of getting it on Heroku:

$ heroku create crud-bones-dev --stack cedar --remote heroku-dev
$ git push heroku-dev master
$ heroku config:add NODE_ENV=staging --app crud-bones-dev

Or if you want to push to existing Heroku instance:

$ git init 
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'bundle for heroku-dev deploy'
$ git remote add heroku-dev
$ heroku config:add NODE_ENV=staging --app crud-bones-dev
$ git push -f heroku-dev master

* dotCloud:

$ dot create crudbonesdev
$ dot push crudbonesdev .

Unfortunately at this moment it doesn't seem to be supporting newer Node.JS

* Engine Yard 

N/A (in progress :-)
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