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npm install dataclass

Syntax sugar that leverages the power of available type systems in TypeScript and JavaScript to provide an effortless way for defining value objects that are immutable and persistent.

Read full docs on the website.

import { Data } from "dataclass";

class User extends Data {
  name: string = "Anon";
  age: number = 25;

let user = User.create({ name: "Liza", age: 23 });
// > User { name: "Liza", age: 23 }

let updated = user.copy({ name: "Ann" });
// > User { name: "Ann", age: 23 }

let isEqual = user.equals(updated);
// > false

Prior Art

The implemented concept is heavily inspired by Scala and Kotlin. Both languages have the implementation of data classes as a part of their syntax and share similar APIs.

See Data Classes in Kotlin (also Case Classes in Scala):

data class User(val name: String = "Anonymous", val age: Int = 0)

val user = User(name = "Liza", age = 23)
val updated = user.copy(name = "Ann")


And Data Classes in Python:

from dataclasses import dataclass, replace

class User:
  name: str = "Anonymous"
  age: int = 0

user = User(name="Liza", age=23)
updated = replace(user, name="Ann")

user == updated


The project is opened for any contributions (features, updates, fixes, etc). If you're interested, please check the contributing guidelines.

The project is licensed under the ISC license.