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Weekly Meetings

Please examine the meeting schedule dates. Class meetings are not scheduled for every week of the semester! Additionally, for the last meeting (Milestone 3) we usually try to have a social event with guests, and it may be at a different location or scheduled for a different time of day.

Intellectual Property Ownership

Students are asked to consult with the project participant agreement. UVic will agree to waive its interest in such IP under the following conditions:

  1. A class list and list of associated projects (contained with the attached Project Participant Agreement) is provided to ORS (via RPKM) within 1 month of the start date of the course, and
  2. That the students make their IP developed during the course freely available to other students taking the course for learning purpose only for the duration of the course
  3. Each student participating signs the attached “Project Participation Agreement” (PPA) where they acknowledge they will not use any faculty IP/University owned IP in their project.