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Final Submission

Note that the final submission is not done in a face-to-face presentation but rather by deploying your final application and posting all supplemental material to the Web.

By the due date (19/12/2016 23:59) you should send us an email ( that includes a:

  • link to download the final application installation file or to the web app page (if creating a new account is required, please provide us with a testing account credentials)
  • link for all the source code involved in your final project (client, server, other)
  • link to the final project documentation (description of main use cases, architectural overview, main APIs/features, installation and usage instructions, the user study, and any other relevant information). An example for the documentation can be seen here.
  • link to a video demonstrating the application (try to show all the various features of your application and explain them in the video).
  • A personal reflection (written by each team member) on your contribution to the project, what you did, what you learned and the challenges you faced. Please email these personal reflections to us rather than post on GitHub.

After that date, the course staff will examine your projects, test them and evaluate them, without you being present, so it is very important that everything would be self explained.

Make sure to fix issues that we gave you feedback on during the last milestone, and in case you need further clarifications, please write us an email ( Make sure that your GitHub repository is clear and informative. Make sure your application runs correctly on the target platforms (Firefox and Chrome/Chromium or Android or iOS).

Give special attention to usability issues, look & feel, and simplicity.

Important note: Full grading for the Final Submission (30 points) will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Interesting use case (is it useful? have you shown or convinced us that people already use or may use it?)
  2. User experience (intuitive, self explanatory)
  3. Functional complexity
  4. Technical difficulty (uses various technologies and resources)
  5. Finishing level (bugs, missing features)
  6. Documentation (is it useful for users/developers)

Good luck,
Alexey, Peggy, Cliff, Greg, Ian