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Milestone 2 - Release Candidate

For the second milestone (due on Friday, 04/11/2016) you are required to show progress based on the feedback you've received from the staff about Milestone 1.

Please provide a full demonstration (6 minutes) of using your product in various scenarios. The demonstration should encompass your top features, and highlight new features or changes made since Milestone 1. You should also be prepared to talk about your development process, in case you are asked: what is your plan for the next Milestone? how long do you expect the work would take? how did you split the work? what was easy? what was difficult? why?

If you are using slides during the presentation, use no more than 3 slides

Some general advice:

  • Don't wait until the milestone meeting to get feedback, ask for advice and feedback throughout the semester.
  • Prepare an appealing demo!
  • You have only a short time for the demonstration so start with new features or changes you've made since Milestone 1.
  • If you are demonstrating social features of your application, or any other features that require prior preparations - please prepare them in advance! (e.g. creating social networks of several users).
  • It is also advised to rehearse your presentation so it will flow nicely. For example: make sure you can demonstrate different users simultaneously using different browsers.

You are required to provide on your GitHub project page a link to your live application (AWS/Heroku website or a download link to an Android apk file).

Important note: Full grading for Milestone 2 (25 points) will be given for teams that successfully:

  1. Focus on the primary use case and take into account our feedback from milestone 1 or earlier.
  2. Follow the project plan while adapting dynamically.
  3. Continuously work throughout the semester.
  4. Demonstrate an interesting, self contained, useful and live application.
  5. Providing a link to the live application.
  6. Give a good presentation (simple, clear, focused, time-framed, sincere)

If you have any questions or comments please do not wait for the milestone meeting, use email:

Good luck,
Alexey, Peggy, Cliff, Ian, and Greg