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"I think this is a terrific course, and the students will likely learn more from this than any other undergraduate course they take; and I feel I've learned as much as the students too" - Ian Bull, EclipseSource, 2014/2015 mentor

Students describing the course (2014/2015 Fall semester - University of Victoria)

"Startup Programming is the most applicable and interesting course I have taken at the University of Victoria as it allows students to grow their ideas into projects that have the potential to make a huge impact on real life customers"

"I've learned more in start-up class about real life software development than in any other course"

"A course that aids in the development of real life, practical skills needed to be successful in the software engineering industry"

"This course will consume your life in a good way"

"StartUp Programming is an extraordinary experience that will shape you into a better entrepreneur, programmer, and software engineer"

"The course provided a good insight on how startup companies build a product in 4 months along with getting our own hands dirty into the hard work for building a marketable product in quick time with zero or medium knowledge of technologies!"

"This course was a great experience, and I really hope that students in upcoming terms have the opportunity to take it"

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Students describing the course (2010/2011 and 2011/2012 - Tel Aviv University)

"Difficult but interesting, and requires a lot of effort"

"The best preparation for the real world, that applies everything we learned"

"An opportunity to learn a lot of new technologies and areas, unlike anything else I've done at the university"

"Probably the single most significant thing I've done during my degree ..."

"The workshop is challenging and requires a looot of time and effort, but is worth the end result, and the knowledge acquired in the process"

students presenting at Google students presenting at Google students presenting at Google