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Beyond (行者无疆): find interesting things to do in a trip.
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Beyond (行者无疆) ✈️

Plan Less. See More.

Trip planning can be overwhelming since there are too many things to consider— places, tickets, time, finance, hotel, transport, etc. That high demensional information makes it difficult to figure out a plan.

Beyond is an trip-planning app designed for simplifying the planning process. With beyond, it is way easier to find interesting things to do and arrange them in the time that fits you.

How Beyond Simplifies Trip Planning

Beyond uses three steps to help you filter out the items you actually want to meet in a trip, and eventually generates a plan for you:

  • Interest: the first thing to consider
  • Map & Time: show your interests (items) on a map and re-pick & schedule them
  • Memos: add your reminders

You Can Also Publish Interesting Things to Do

When you are on a trip finding something interesting, publish it! Other users can always pick your post as an interesting items to do in their plan. While there are official places of interests as items users can pick, your experiences are always valuable!

Say Hello to Beyond

Beyond won First Prize in 2016 Northern China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan App Dev Contest. More introductory slides are here.

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