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Boundary module

This is the boundary module.

To use it:

include boundary

You need need to specify your Organisation ID and API key in the boundary::params class (manifests/params.pp).

To remove a meter change your include to:

include boundary::delete

To specify a stand-alone probe you can use the boundary_meter resource:

boundary_meter { "nameofprobe":
  ensure  => present,
  id      => '1234556789',
  apikey  => 'abcdef123456',
  tags    => [ "production", "web", "cluster" ],

Dashboard Support

It is possible to use this module from Puppet Dashboard (aka Console). To use the module add boundary to the list of classes. Then add the boundary class directly to a node or a group. The following dashboard parameters are supported:

  • boundary_apikey
  • boundary_id
  • boundary_collector
  • boundary_collector_port
  • boundary_tags

The boundary_tags parameter is a comma separated list of tag names to apply to this bprobe (e.g., 'a, list, of, tags'). Whitespace is fine. If you want to tag nodes indivdually you should at the boundary class directly to each node. Similarly you can tag at the group level. Currently you cannot tag at both the node and group level.

Report processor

The module also contains a report processor that can send the results of Puppet runs as Boundary annotations. Reports will only be created for Puppet runs that had changes or failed. To use it:

  1. Install puppet-boundary as a module in your Puppet master's module path.

  2. Update the boundary_orgid and boundary_apikey variables in the boundary.yaml file with your Boundary connection details.

  3. Enable pluginsync and reports on your master and clients in puppet.conf

    report = true
    reports = boundary
    pluginsync = true
    report = true
    pluginsync = true
  4. Run the Puppet client and sync the report as a plugin


James Turnbull

The boundary_meter type and provider is heavily based on work by Joe Williams and Ben Black from Boundary.


Puppet Labs 2011-2012


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