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Ruby enVironment (Version) Manager ( rvm ) ~ Monitor GitHub Issues ( ) for bug reports and fixes. RVM Google Group ( )

This is a fork of I added branches rpm and rpmtest. The main branch to use is rpm.

I do not plan to work on RVM. I simply added a rpm folder which contains a rvm-ruby.spec and a script to create the RPM from the sources.

Just clone this repo, customize the rubies and gems needed as indicated below, go at the root, and launch:


The rvm-ruby.spec file is based on I applied some customizations to make it compatibe with the small script i made to create the RPM. What i added is at the end of the %install section, beginning at

# At this point, install of RVM is finished
# Now install some rubies
rvm install $ruby_tag
rvm use $ruby_tag
gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc

There, i added instructions to build and packages some rubies and gems i want to deploy on all my servers. Up to you to modify that for your own needs.

Last time i checked, it did not work on the master branch or RVM. It works with the stable branch.

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