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This is a theme using Twitter Bootstrap and Designmodo's Flat UI theme which can be previewed on Designmodo's website. The awesome symbol font is from FontAwesome.

This theme has a live preview at

The theme now comes in two different color schemes: a light color scheme and a dark color scheme. The dark scheme is the default.



Please update the Wiki page if you are using this theme.

Installing the theme

As a submodule

$ cd your_octopress_dir
$ git submodule add .themes/octoflat
$ rake install['octoflat']
$ rake generate

Grabbing the latest updates as a module

$ cd your_octopress_dir
$ git submodule update

As a clone

$ cd your_octopress_dir
$ git clone .themes/octoflat
$ rake install['octoflat']
$ rake generate

Configuring Navigation

Add a navigation section to your _config.yml. Doing this allows the navbar to highlight the active page. Use the following format:

- text: Home
  url: /index.html

Adding New Pages

Create new pages by using the following command:

rake new_page['']

Go back to update your _config.yml file:

- text: Home
  url: /index.html
- text: New Page Title
  url: /new_page_name.html

Modifying the Color Scheme

The theme has two color scheme options: light and dark. The dark color scheme is the one enabled by default.

To change the color scheme after you've installed the theme, do the following:

$ cd your_octopress_dir/sass/custom/
$ vim _colors.scss
// Delete lines 3 and 18 and save
$ rake generate

LinkedIn Link

To get the LinkedIn link to work, modify your _config.yml to have this line:

$ linkedin_user: username

Your username can be found by going to your profile page. On your info card at the top of the page, theres a link to your public profile page. Extract out your username from the link.**username**/


This theme is licensed under a MIT License -


An Octopress theme based off Twitter Bootstrap v2 and Designmodo's Flat-UI



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