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Needlestack is a static file web server created in the spirit of Facebook's Haystack
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Needlestack is a static web file server that serves file stacks (as opposed to individual files). It is based loosely (heavily) (entirely) upon Facebook's Haystack, with notable differences being the lack of an explicit in-file index as well as the use of a (poorly implemented) trie isntead of Google's sparse hash table.

Example Use:

# To make a stack with a directory (pics)
python scripts/ pics.stack pics

# To serve up the pics stack on port 12345
needlestack -f pics.stack -p 12345


  • libevent (for http serving)


-f stack file to use
-p port on which to listen for requests

Facebook's Haystack

About: Needle in a haystack

Comparison of Needlestack and Haystack

  • Needlestack does not currently support real-time append (but could)
  • Needlestack's metadata is just size, uri, and content-type (as opposed to key, alternate key, etc.)
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