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native tnetstrings in clojure



user=> (tnetstrings.core/dumps "Hello, World!")
"13:Hello, World!,"

user=> (tnetstrings.core/loads "13:Hello, World!,")
"Hello, World!"

user=> (tnetstrings.core/dumps (list "Hello" "World" "!!!" 111))

user=> (tnetstrings.core/loads "28:5:Hello,5:World,3:!!!,3:111#]")
("Hello" "World" "!!!" 111)

Getting tnetstrings

tnetstrings-clj is most conveniently available from the repository and can be added mosty easily by adding the following to your project.clj file

:dependencies [[tnetstrings/tnetstrings "0.1.0"]]

Copyright (C) 2011 Alex Gartrell

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