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Voxel-based engine written in C++ with Lua scripting.

Currently the engine render stores blocks of different types as integers that are stored in hash maps (with a custom hashing function) for O(1) access.

Blocks are drawn by supplying the block texture and the positions of all blocks of that type using instancing.

The plan is to a texture atlas to reduce the number of draw calls but this will take some time. I may also implement a marching cubes style surface extractor that will help in avoiding sending occluded voxels to the GPU.


This project used to compile from a simple Makefile but the build process became much more complicated as time went on.

It is now built via cmake and has been tested on Windows and Linux. I recommend Clion with the MinGW toolchain for Windows users.

To compile without an IDE, it should suffice to do the following from the source directory at the terminal:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../ && cmake --build .

Note that C++11 is required but only for more accurate timing with std::chrono. The requirement of C++11 will be moved to a separate debugging build target in the future.