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A fetch interface to got
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A fetch-compatible wrapper around got for those times when you need to fetch stuff over HTTP 😉


got is a peer dependency so you will need to install it alongside got-fetch:

$ npm install --save got got-fetch

If you use Typescript then you will also need @types/got if you want your project to build:

$ npm install --save-dev @types/got


The module exports a global instance ready to fetch resources:

const { fetch } = require('got-fetch');

fetch('').then(resp => {
  console.log(resp.status); // should be 200
  resp.text().then(body => console.log(body)); // should be some HTML code

The module also exports a function which allows you to use your own custom got instance:

const got = require('got');
const { createFetch } = require('got-fetch');

const myGot = got.extend({
  headers: {
    'x-api-key': 'foo bar'

const fetch = createFetch(myGot);

// this request will send the header `x-api-key: foo bar`


fetch is designed for browser environments and this package is just a wrapper around a Node-based HTTP client. Not all fetch features are supported:


See LICENSE for information.

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