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Close the notification after destroy #10

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It's interesting to close/hide a desktop notification after destroy it to not be overflowed by them if you create a set of them.


It could be interesting to add a new property called timeout to close it automatically after specified number of seconds. What do you think about?


destroy() is only called when a notification is closed or there is an error, so I'm not sure if calling close again here really makes sense.

If you want to automatically close a notification after it is shown you can use something like:

notifyShow: function () {
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 3000);

You can also use the tag property to control single / multiple instances of a notification.


Also, I would be open to adding a timeout property that called close for convenience here.

PR's welcome :)


Cool! But the method close is not in the notification prototype. Do you want to add it?


Ah, correct - yes sure open to adding a close method (let's just leave destroy to clearing up after a notification).


Ok. I'm fixing it.


Check this out.


Looks good to me :+1:

I'll check it out locally soon. Would be good to add a JS test for this, but I can maybe do that later if you don't have time.

Thanks for the PR!


Thanks for adding tests! :)

@alexgibson alexgibson merged commit 59707ca into alexgibson:master
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  2. +11 −0 notify.js
1 
@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ Optional parameters
* body: (string) - notification message body
* icon: (string) - path for icon to display in notification
* tag: (string) - unique identifier to stop duplicate notifications
+* timeout: (integer) - number of seconds to close the notification automatically
* notifyShow: (function) - callback when notification is shown
* notifyClose: (function) - callback when notification is closed
* notifyClick: (function) - callback when notification is clicked
11 notify.js
@@ -111,6 +111,7 @@ = function () {
+ var that = this;
if (!Notify.isSupported()) {
@@ -122,6 +123,12 @@
'icon' : this.options.icon
+ if (this.options.timeout && !isNaN(this.options.timeout)) {
+ setTimeout(function () {
+ that.myNotify.close();
+ }, this.options.timeout * 1000);
+ }
this.myNotify.addEventListener('show', this, false);
this.myNotify.addEventListener('error', this, false);
this.myNotify.addEventListener('close', this, false);
@@ -161,6 +168,10 @@
this.myNotify.removeEventListener('click', this, false);
+ Notify.prototype.close = function () {
+ this.myNotify.close();
+ };
Notify.prototype.handleEvent = function (e) {
switch (e.type) {
case 'show':
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