A custom 'shake' event plugin for mobile web browsers using device accelerometer.
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A custom 'shake' event JavaScript plugin for mobile web browsers using device accelerometer.


  • Download: zip
  • NPM: npm install shake.js
  • Bower: bower install shake.js
  • Git: git clone https://github.com/alexgibson/shake.js


Your web browser must support the devicemotion event for this plugin to work. Shake.js uses built-in feature detection to determine if it can run in your web browser. It will terminate silently on non-supporting browsers.



For CommonJS using NPM:

var Shake = require('shake.js');

For AMD module:

define(['./shake'], function(Shake) {
    // ...

In the browser:

<script src="shake.js"></script>

Next, create a new Shake instance:

var myShakeEvent = new Shake({
    threshold: 15, // optional shake strength threshold
    timeout: 1000 // optional, determines the frequency of event generation

Start listening to device motion:


Register a shake event listener on window with your callback:

window.addEventListener('shake', shakeEventDidOccur, false);

//function to call when shake occurs
function shakeEventDidOccur () {

    //put your own code here etc.

You can stop listening for shake events like so:

window.removeEventListener('shake', shakeEventDidOccur, false);

To stop listening to device motion, you can call:


Supported web browsers/devices

  • iOS Safari 4.2.1 (and above)
  • Android 4.0.3 (default browser)
  • Chrome 41+ for Android
  • Opera Mobile (Android)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0
  • Firefox for Android
  • FirefoxOS Devices