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This song is about the Doves of Planet Labs ( - small satellites that are brought into
low-earth orbit, then released to circle the Earth sixteen times a day, powered by solar panel wings. They
will eventually image the Earth once per day, enough observe changes in the environment and large human movements.
Each flock stays up for a while, then burns up on re-entry, leaving no trace.
It includes a slightly modified quotation from Yuri Gagarin:
"Облетев Землю, увидел, как прекрасна наша планета. Будем хранить красоту, и приумножать её!"
-- Orbiting the earth, I saw how beautiful our planet is. Let us preserve that beauty and foster it!
Capo 4
you sent us spinning up
hitchhiking to the sky
Em F
a cloud of eyes that talk to our makers
on wings that breathe the light of day
G G7
four hundred kilometers up -- our computers
spinning up
weathering solar storms
Em F
to trace the pulse of forests and nations
'cause the world's too big when you're on the ground
G G7
watching the watchers, we run on electrons
spinning up
C Am Em
C Am G G7
we watch you spinning up
eating into the dark
sentient dust that dreams of connection
from way up here we see you as one
and every day
we watch our world waking, looking up
at us
looking down
spinning up
for a while
falling down
...burning up...'re waking up