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Toolbar in V3 #44

aelshesh opened this Issue October 02, 2011 · 7 comments

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aelshesh Michael Shadle Jack Frosch Jose Browne mgvanbochove Joset Anthony Zamora

Hello Alex,
Thank you really for this nice code and application, hope you all success.

this is the first time trying to use it, after long search on google about how to display the toolbar, I found on your site
it is removed.

Is it possible to display the same toolbar as in V2 for copy/source/print etc icons.
This is a very important feature do not know why you removed it. The new copy method does not work well on all
code area's and also how the regular user will know how to do that unless you post information above each code
block "Double click inside the code to select".
Thank you

Michael Shadle

+1, I found out after reading a little deeper that the toolbar was purposely out of v3 (your demo page[1] is misleading :)) - it also seems like there is a discrepancy, without looking at the code, what exactly toolbar is supposed to do in v3 now. It seems to only add the little "about" help icon thing.

I went back to v2 for now, because I really enjoy that.


Jack Frosch

I'll have to agree that the toolbar should be brought back, Flash or otherwise. It was always convenient to print a long code example directly from the nifty little toolbar you included.

Why was it dropped anyway?

Jose Browne

Couldn't agree more! Flash or not! Bring it back or at LEAST let users choose.

Also agree that toolbar demo is extremely misleading. As a matter of fact, that toolbar is (in my opinion) the main font-end feature setting it apart from other solutions (like prettify). Please please please bring it back :(


I'll also have to agree there should be a toolbar with the same buttons as in V2.
I also think about switching back to V2 for this reason.

Joset Anthony Zamora

I switched to V3 and found out that the toolbar was gone. Now I have to switch back to V2, another cycle is needed. ;-(

Jose Browne

I really wish they would bring this back!

Joset Anthony Zamora

I just realized that the double-click to highlight all code works as well. I retained V3.

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