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updating the intro graf for the Router.

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@@ -1446,10 +1446,14 @@ <h2 id="Collection">Backbone.Collection</h2>
<h2 id="Router">Backbone.Router</h2>
- Web applications often choose to change their URL fragment (<tt>#fragment</tt>)
- in order to provide shareable, bookmarkable URLs for an Ajax-heavy application.
- <b>Backbone.Router</b> provides methods for routing client-side URL
- fragments, and connecting them to actions and events.
+ Web applications often provide linkable, bookmarkable, shareable URLs for
+ imporant locations in the app. Until recently, hash fragments
+ (<tt>#page</tt>) were used to provide these permalinks, but with the
+ arrival of the History API, it's now possible to use standard URLs (<tt>/page</tt>).
+ <b>Backbone.Router</b> provides methods for routing client-side pages, and
+ connecting them to actions and events. For browsers which don't yet support
+ the History API, the Router handles graceful fallback and transparent
+ translation to the fragment version of the URL.

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