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CScenarioPoint Patch

A patch for Grand Theft Auto V that increases the maximum number of scenario types and model sets (of both peds and vehicles) available to CScenarioPoints, from 256 to around 65.000.

How it works

The fields iType and ModelSetId of CScenarioPoint are defined as uint8 which effectively limits the scenarios and model sets of CScenarioPoints to the first 256 elements of their respective arrays (255 in the case of model sets since 0xFF is its invalid index value).

This patch saves in a map the correct scenarios and model sets indices as uint32s for each loaded CScenarioPoint and every location that accesses the original fields is patched to access our map instead. Due to other places where uint16 is used, such as the scenarios and model sets arrays, they are still limited to ~65.000. Reaching this limit has not been tested so the actual limit may be somewhat lower but it has been tested with ~2000 extra entries of each: ped model sets (ambientpedmodelsets.meta), vehicle model sets (vehiclemodelsets.meta) and scenario infos (scenarios.meta)

See NOTES for more specific information about each patch.


  • ASI loader (for example, dinput8.dll included with ScriptHookV).


  • Download pre-built binaries from
  • Place CScenarioPoint-Patch.asi in the root directory of your Grand Theft Auto V installation.
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