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: duplicity 0.7 on CentOS 6
CentOS only provides duplicity 0.6.x. However, versions up to including 0.7.12
run just fine using pexpect as the ssh/scp/sftp backend.
Here is a cheatsheet to make it run.
Remember to remove the RPM provided version:
yum remove duplicity
Make sure all dependencies are fulfilled (this is for core functionality):
yum install python-devel librsync-devel python-lockfile gnupg2 pexpect
Get duplicity 0.7.12. This is the last version that uses python-lockfile for
locking. Later versions use fastener, that is not easily available on
CentOS 6.
Luckily, this version also fixes problems with gpg available on CentOS 6.
Unpack, install and check the reported version:
tar xf duplicity-0.7.12.tar.gz
cd duplicity-0.7.12
python install
duplicity -V
If all is fine, there is one last thing to consider. There seems to be a
problem with the default SSH backend paramiko. To work around that, specify
pexpect as the backend by prefixing the protocol used for the remote location
with 'pexpect+'. This is explained in more detail in the man page of duplicity.
If you still get a wrong version number, here are the places to check for
remaining files from other installations: