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The improved and restructured mlcppl
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Current Version is : v0.0.8a

Go ahead and skip looking at arcy.hh, just make the documentation with cmake and make doxy

The doxygen documentation will be the best way to learn how to use the arcy module once it is completed. Once I start to add more I will begin to document more and more of the library

I'm in debate as to which of the build systems I want to use, I like ninja the most. but it is the least suported


  • modulize the build system
  • add more than just arcy
  • integrate the other parts of the library better
  • add more tests
  • more thorough testing
  • document the other classes better


Ehhhh, not too well kept yet

  • UPDATE v0.0.8a: Added some old stuff from the original mlcppl:
    • I brought over
    • it is now called derpp
    • Sutil does nothing yet
  • UPDATE v0.0.7a: Added more build systems (ninja, jam)
  • UPDATE v0.0.6a: Made great strides in the inner workings, it's starting to come together man!
  • UPDATE v0.0.4a: Doxygen documentation started and successful!
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