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Street Facing - Demo

Street Facing Screenshot

Street Facing is an experimental application that runs in the browser and allows you to control the POV on Google Street View with movements of your face and head.

You can check out a demo of it here.

It is built on top of a few things...

Browser Support

  • Chrome (21+)
  • Opera (Support coming soon)


Once all the code is included, the following call initiates the app on any page...

var mainView = new Street_Facing_View({
    el: '#main_street_view'

I might spend some time in the near future modularizing and generalizing this code, so people can drop it into any project if there is interest.

** One thing to note when developing locally - Most browsers do not let you use getUserMedia when serving HTML files directly off the filesystem. It is best to use a simple HTTP server in something like Python or Node to serve the files you're working with.

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