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Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Zurich Summer School for Women in Political Methodology 2018

July 4-5, 2018

Instructor: Alex Hanna, University of Toronto/Google

Social network analysis is a body of methods for analyzing the structure of social, communicative, and political interactions. In this workshop, we will be covering the basic and intermediate topics in network analysis. We will cover basic network terminology and concepts, network visualization, and descriptive metrics which describe whole networks, individual nodes, and subgroups. We will also cover statistical inference on determinants of network structure.

There are no readings for this course. Any background information you need will be covered in the workshop.

This is a rough schedule for the course. It's very possible one topic will bleed into the next, and we may not get to all the material.

Section Time
Introduction to Social Network Analysis Thursday, 13:30-17:30
Network Visualization Friday, 09:00-12:30
Network Metrics and Algorithms Friday, 13:30-15:30
Statistical Inference in Networks Friday, 15:30-17:30

A word on pedagogy

My methods pedagogy is hands-on in a way that will force you to be working on your own early in the process. It will also mean you will be frequently failing early and often. Luckily, you are in a group of very smart people who are motivated to learn the topic at hand.

I also adopt a few pedagogical practices from the (Software|Data) Carpentries which I'll introduce throughout the course.


Research does not work in a vacuum and nor does preparing teaching materials. This is a rough list of materials I used in preparing this workshop. Some of these links are embedded in the text, but otherwise they are here.

The workshops themselves were prepared using Jupyter Notebooks and the IRKernel.


Social Network Analysis - Zurich Summer School for Women in Political Methodology






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