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PubBrawl - A probabilistic pub crawl route finder, built entirely in R, which won third prize overall at HackCity18
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Pub BRawwwwwwl! Pub BRawl

  • Pub BRawl is a probabilistic pub crawl route finder for London, built in R Shiny making use of Google Maps API
  • We help you to have a safe night by incorporating crime data into the route choice & planning your trip from tube station to tube station
  • You can also filter for high quality pubs based on Google reviews (or low quality depending on your mood)
  • Finally, the app tells you where the nearest A&E is to your night out, just in case

First round is on us! 🍻

Are you bored by your local pubs? Do you think your neighbouring pubs are too boring because no one wants to fight you for "accidental spilling"? You already tried all the "popular pubcrawl lists" out there and they left you disappointed and empty hearted?

Wander no longer, my friend! The solution arrived.

To be more precise, the solution to get you to your favourite solution just got updated to the 21st century! Here we present PubBrawl, the probabilistic pubcrawl engine integrating latest Google Reviews and Police Street-level Crime Rates in order to deliver you a personalised route which will definitely end you up in a bar fight. And all of this by connecting your start and end point to two tube stations of your choice. Surely, We won't leave you alone out there in this dark world.

Come again, mate? 🐌

Well, yes. Go to right now and plan your next Tuesday night. You start by telling us how many stops your sober brain intends to take before utterly failing counting to ten. Then you select the safety level you feel most comfortable with and also which kind of places you like. We surely don't want you to leave your comfort zone.

Last but not least, enter the start and end tube stations of your trip before hitting sceptically the Let's Go button. If you don't like the suggested route, just press Let's Go again and we will promptly supply you with a brand new route.

Enjoy my friend!

PS: You can press it as many times as you want. Don't worry, it won't break.

Please enjoy responsibly ⚠️

Safety first. No one knows that better than the people who looked at London crime rates for 24 hours and started worrying about their way home at night. For those nights where you want to keep it safe, we keep your pubbrawl safe too! Just tell us and we will adapt for you by only choosing the safest pubs around town.

In case push comes to shove, what we certainly don't hope, we supply you with the nearest A&E. You know, just to be sure. Because we care for you!

Every Journey Counts 🚆

By integrating your fun night out into London's charming life lines, we make sure that you will come home tonight, tomorrow and the days to come. We truly live up to the motto "Every Journey Counts."

Let's make your journey through the glasses count.

Psst! Are you magicians? ♠️


By hitting the "Let's Go" button, our magic 8-ball machine collects all the pubs between your endpoints and filters them down by your favoured Google Review Rating. Then we pull last years street-level crime rates around each potential pub to calculate our "Fun score". Depending on your crime preferences, we will sample pubs into our suggestions based on a probabilistic score. At last, we search for a heuristically shortest path between the stopovers so you don't need to walk for too long before the next great drink. This really is Pub BRawl!


This is a tongue-in-cheek product and the creators accept no responsibility for your misadventures! Drink aware

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