Linux GUI for cloning & restoring disk partitions to & from compressed image files
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Apart GTK

Linux GUI for cloning & restoring disk partitions to & from compressed image files, using partclone to do the heavy lifting.



If you have dependency issues, see the build sections for your distro. The GTK 3.22 requirement means you'll probably need a >= 2017 distro.


  • python >= 3.5
  • python-gobject, GTK >= 3.22
  • pyzmq, humanize, pyyaml
  • polkit - for non-root usage
  • apart-core
    • zeromq > 4
    • partclone
    • pigz
    • lz4 (optional: adds compression option)
    • zstd >= 1.2.0 (optional: adds compression option)

Build on Arch

pacman -Syu --needed python python-gobject python-yaml python-pyzmq python-humanize gtk3 partclone zeromq rustup git pigz polkit lz4 zstd

Follow build steps below.

Build on Ubuntu >= 17.04

Build deps: apt install build-essential git libzmq3-dev curl pkg-config python3 + rustup

Run deps: apt install policykit-1 partclone pigz python3-humanize python3-zmq python3-yaml libgtk-3-0 liblz4-tool zstd

Follow build steps below.

Build on Fedora >= 25

dnf install git zeromq-devel rust cargo python3-zmq python3-yaml python3-humanize pigz polkit gtk3 lz4 zstd

Install partclone, ie with something like

rpm -Uvh partclone-0.2.90-1.fc25.x86_64.rpm

Follow build steps below.


Run ./configure then make having installed the above build dependencies

Manual Install

After building run make install which copies the build made in ./target to /usr

├─ bin
│  └─ apart-gtk
├─ lib/apart-gtk
│  ├─ apart-core
│  └─ src
│     ├─
│     └─ ... python files
└─ share
   ├─ applications/apart-gtk.desktop
   ├─ icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/apart.svg
   ├─ icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/apart.png
   └─ polkit-1/actions/com.github.alexheretic.pkexec.apart-gtk.policy

make uninstall can be used to remove these files

Run in test mode

With the dev dependencies installed run ./start-test-app to run from src/ a version of the code with partclone & partition info mocked. This is useful for GUI development, as you can clone and restore without data risk.

Simply using ./start will run against real disks using a dev version of apart-core useful when testing changes to the core.