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Arch Linux AUR tool for managing an auto-updating local 'aurto' package repository
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An Arch Linux AUR tool for managing an auto-updating local 'aurto' package repository using aurutils.

  • Simple aurto add, aurto remove, aurto addpkg management of local aurto repo packages.
  • Automatic on startup & hourly update of aur packages in the aurto repo.
  • Automatic daily update of VCS, ie "*-git", packages in the aurto repo.
  • Maintainer trust system: Package maintainers must be ok-ed before adding into, or auto-updating in, the aurto repo.
  • Uses makechrootpkg to build packages isolated from the main system.
  • Automatic removal of packages no longer in the AUR from the aurto repo.
  • Automatic removal of packages with unknown/distrusted maintainers from the aurto repo.


From a plain Arch install, first install aurutils from the aur (skip if already installed).

curl -L | tar xz
cd aurutils
gpg --recv-keys DBE7D3DD8C81D58D0A13D0E76BC26A17B9B7018A
makepkg -srci

Install aurto from the aur.

curl -L | tar xz
cd aurto
makepkg -srci

Recommended: Add aurto to the 'aurto' repo to provide self updates.

aurto add aurto


You add aur packages to your local 'aurto' repo. This is different to installing them.

aurto add|addpkg|remove PACKAGES

Once added you can install them as normal with pacman. The packages are automatically updated periodically, you'll see aurto updates in the same way as other repos after a pacman -Syu.

Useful commands

View current packages, logs & info.

aurto status

Add a directory full of built packages to the aurto repo

aurto addpkg $(find /path/to/packages/*pkg.tar*)

Show no-repo installed packages, these may have not been added to aurto yet or may have been automatically dropped from aurto because of maintainer change or removal from the AUR.

pacman -Qm

Rebuild all aur/no-repo packages into the aurto repo

aurto add $(pacman -Qqm)

Maintainer Trust

aurto uses a system of maintainer trust for limited security. On adding packages with unknown maintainers you'll be asked whether you want to trust these maintainers.

$ aurto add spotify
aurto: Trust maintainer(s): AWhetter? [y/N]

If you don't say y the package is not added.

If any aurto repo packages change maintainer to an unknown user the packages will be removed from the aurto repo on the next update-aurto run. A warning will appear in the update-aurto logs

WARNING: Packages with unknown maintainers removed from aurto, ...

If desired such packages can be re-added and the new maintainers added to the local trusted users.

Local trusted users are stored in /etc/aurto/trusted-users initially populated with the Arch Linux Trusted Users & me.

Clear /etc/aurto/trusted-users to trust no-one.
Remove /etc/aurto/trusted-users to trust everyone.


aurto builds packages in a chroot using /etc/aurto/makepkg-chroot.conf. This can be customized in the same way as the main makepkg.conf, for example to change compression.

Limitations & Security

aurto automatically builds and regularly re-builds updated remote code from the aur. Code is built in a clean chroot, but presumably will eventually be installed to your system. Take care trusting maintainers.

If aurto can't do what you want use aurutils directly.

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