Rust concurrent single-value update and receive channel
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single_value_channel Documentation

Non-blocking single value update and receive channel.

This module provides a latest-message style channel, where update sources can update the latest value that the receiver owns in a practically non-blocking way.

Unlike the mpsc::channel each value send will overwrite the 'latest' value. See the documentation for more details.

use single_value_channel::channel_starting_with;
use std::thread;

let (mut receiver, updater) = channel_starting_with(0);
assert_eq!(*receiver.latest(), 0);

thread::spawn(move|| {
    updater.update(2); // next access to receiver.latest() -> 2
    updater.update(12); // next access to receiver.latest() -> 12

assert_eq!(*receiver.latest(), 12);

Minimum supported rust compiler

This crate is maintained with latest stable rust.