A library to simplify compound field partitioning, sorting and grouping in MapReduce.
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In MapReduce using compound map output keys and customizing which fields are partitioned, sorted and grouped can be tedious, especially when doing this across multiple jobs. The goal of this library is to provide a Tuple class, which can contain multiple elements, and provide along with it a ShuffleUtils class to give you a easy-to-use method to tune which tuple elements should be used for partitioning, sorting and grouping.

Table of Contents


Imagine that you are working with people names in MapReduce. Your mapper emits <last-name, first-name> records, and in your reducer you want the first names to be streamed in sorted order. This is what is known as secondary sort.

If you were to use htuple to implement secondary sort, the first thing I would recommend would be to create an enum to represent the fields in the Tuple to help with the readability of your code.

 * User-friendly names that we can use to refer to fields in the tuple.
enum TupleFields {

Next in your MapReduce driver code you'd use the ShuffleUtils to configure how the partitioner, sorter and grouper behave. Since our example is secondary sort, we want both the partitioner and grouper to use only the last name, but the sorter should use both the last and first name.


A couple of things worth noting in the above example:

  1. We're using the new MapReduce API (i.e. using package org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce), and as such you need to call the useNewApi method.
  2. The values method on enums emits all of the enum elements in order of definition, which in our example is the last name followed by the first name - exactly the order in which we want the sorting to occur.

Now all that's left is to use the Tuple class in the mapper. Below we assume that each line in the input file is in the form last_name <TAB> first_name.

public static class Map extends Mapper<LongWritable, Text, Tuple, Text> {

    protected void map(LongWritable key, Text value, Context context)
            throws IOException, InterruptedException {

        // tokenize the line
        String nameParts[] = value.toString().split("\t");

        // create the tuple, setting the first and last names
        Tuple outputKey = new Tuple();
        outputKey.set(TupleFields.LAST_NAME, nameParts[0]);
        outputKey.set(TupleFields.FIRST_NAME, nameParts[1]);

        // emit the tuple and the original contents of the line
        context.write(outputKey, value);

To read the entire source of this example please take a look at SecondarySort.java. You can also execute this example by following these steps, which assume you've already downloaded and exploded the project tarball (see section Downloading if you haven't yet performed this step):

$ htuple-<version>/bin/run-example.sh input output

This script will run the SecondarySort class, which writes some sample input in HDFS in the input directory (the first argument supplied to the run-example.sh script), and runs a secondary sort MapReduce job, where the output is written to the output directory, the second argument supplied to the script.

After the job completes the output directory will contain the results of the job, which will show the last names and first names in sorted order:

$ hadoop fs -cat output/part*
Smith	Anne
Smith	John
Smith	Ken


Go to the releases page and download the latest tarball. Within there you'll find JAR's containing the compiled code, the source code and JavaDocs.


The JavaDoc's for the project are included in the release tarball which can be downloaded from the releases page.


See the page on building.

Additional Resources


Apache version 2.0. For more details look at LICENSE.