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Hello . I'm using Windows XP, Firefox v.35.0.1 and your add-on v.0.1.2 .
I have all installed since years ago . Everything was going well until that date .
I also have weather underground in my phone . That day, the phone app was working bad ... the dew temperature appeared with a decimal ( never it had happened ), the forecast did not appear, my location was wrong, and so on . Fortunately, at the following day, everything came to normality again .
But that did not happen in the pc add-on of firefox .
Today 22th of October problems are still running ...
1 - It is unable to locate my position . I live in a city with on million inhabitants and it points to a small city 100 km. far away saying that is my position .
2 - The temperature doesn't appear over the icon or it is wrong .
3 - I had and I have a list of 12 favourite cities . Two of them changed their name and pointed to other locations near them ( Paris and Cologne ) .
4 - It is impossible to put again Paris and Cologne . In Paris, it always points to the airport Orly, but never Paris simply .
I installed the version 0.1.5 but problems are the same .
I usually do clones of the entire hard disk, so I recovered a clone from June ( then, it was working fine, because I only do clones when everything is working correctly ) and the problems are the same .
So, I must supposse the problem is not in my side, but in yours .
It seems like ...
1 - The add-on cannot recognize a position by the IP or your data base is corrupted .
2 - The add-on has a wrong list of cities and you choose one but the add-on shows other one ( near it, but not that one ) or the date base of cities are corrupted .
Has anyone expererienced something like this ? .
I made no change to my system, it happened suddenly .
Please don't advise me to update to the latest version of the add-on, the latest version of Firefox and the lates version of Windows . That's not a solution .
Thank you in advance .

JimPas commented Dec 6, 2016

I am having the same problems and a few others. Location was wrong, and it took about 10 tries to get it to show a nearby village instead of my actual location; temp. OK but no 10-day forecast; doesn't recognize my login (but the website does); missing icons and/or broken icon indicators; plus a few other problems. This app worked fine until a few weeks ago. Did they run an automatic update to it and screw it up? Hmmm...
I am using Firefox 50.0.3 and this app is messed up on this version also - so your browser version is not the problem. I am also using Windows 10 - so that is not the problem either! Everything boils down to the app itself. It would be nice if they would fix it, and at least let us know in the mean time that they are aware of the problems and are working on it.

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